Renewable Energy for Nonprofits

The Atmosphere Conservancy (TAC) is a Colorado-based renewable energy project developer. We aim to achieve social equity and economic vitality by working only with nonprofit organizations in developing clean energy systems to help with their sustainability goals and to support carbon mitigation in improving our environment. SUSTAINABILITY TAC leverages business opportunities and merges carbon reduction strategies for nonprofit organizations to improve their economic and community impact, lower their carbon footprint, and achieve their goals. COMMUNITY TAC seeks to benefit communities around the country economically, socially, and environmentally via the development of renewable energy systems and technologies for nonprofit entities. By doing so, TAC strengthens the interface between social, economic, and environmental sustainability. ENVIRONMENT With the installation of renewable energy systems, TAC helps prevent thousands of tons of carbon from being dumped into our atmosphere. CLEAN ENERGY The growing renewables industry positions TAC as a viable source for nonprofit organizations and their constituents to invest in our future. Clean energy is not only good for the environment, but for the health of the people and the economy.