About TAC

The Atmosphere Conservancy (TAC) is a Colorado-based 501(c)3 nonprofit which works with other nonprofit organizations who are concerned about addressing the great challenges of our time: global climate change, insufficient social resources, dependence on foreign oil, and economic disruption. TAC aims to achieve social equity and economic vitality by developing renewable energy projects to help nonprofit organizations achieve their sustainability goals and to support carbon mitigation in improving our environment. TAC is in the business of renewable energy project development. TAC will synergize with non-profit organizations to strengthen the interface between social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Our projects deliver renewable energy systems to those entities where the benefits of freed-up resources can be felt in positive impacts across the community and among a nonprofit organization's members, supporters, and constituents. Every project we develop works three ways to alleviate these pressing problems:

CARBON EMISSIONS TAC's renewable energy systems prevent thousands of tons of harmful carbon emissions from being dumped into our atmosphere.

JOB CREATION TAC puts people to work with paying jobs, contributing to the clean energy economy that improves the wellbeing of communities and their environments.

SUSTAINABILITY GOALS By installing proven non-polluting technologies like solar and wind energy for nonprofit organizations, we reduce their utility bills and allow them to spend more of their limited funds towards their missions.