Work with TAC

The Atmosphere Conservancy works with nonprofit organizations, with strong sustainability goals, who are concerned about addressing the great challenges of our time: climate change, environmental degradation, insufficient social resources, dependence on foreign oil, and economic disruption. In partnership with our renewable energy partners (installers, planners, and designers), TAC works to address these issues by combining carbon reduction strategies with nonprofit business leadership, support from constituents, and overall economic development. HOW IT WORKS TAC's goal is to make it easy for our nonprofit business partners, investors, and supporters to generate the financial clout to bring our projects to completion - benefitting the local economy, their environments, and its citizens. TAC is a renewable energy project developer - creating private ownership levels for each project's participants and investors. WHO WE SEEK TAC is interested in hearing from nonprofits anywhere in the United States who want to be a part of one of the fastest growing industries in the world: renewable energy. EMAIL US with your questions, comments, and proposals. Donate through the PayPal module on this website to support TAC's efforts.