Programs & Partners

Our programs and partnerships are what power us. Learn more about what we do and who we do it with.

Low-Cost Solar Energy Financing

We provide low-cost financing options for non-profits, social enterprises, housing authorities, and other impact-oriented organizations looking to power their operations with clean, renewable, solar energy. With our help your organization can reduce operational costs, putting that money back into your critical work, all while running on power from the sun.

Solar Panels

Solar Recycling

We've partnered up with to provide a clearinghouse of information for the industry on reusing and recycling panels, inverters, and other materials for decommissioned projects. As environmental stewards, we believe a circular economy approach to solar energy is not only inherently aligned with our work, but a key to our success as an industry and planet.

Traditional Commercial Solar Finance

Our for-profit partner, Solaris Energy, provides solar finance, development, and asset management services for commercial and industrial clients, municipalities, schools, and more. 

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