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Programs & Partners

Our programs and partnerships are what power us. Learn more about what we do and who we do it with.

NEW: Solar Seed Fund!

Climate Change Solution + Social Equity

This capital fund will provide grants for non-profits, social enterprises, housing authorities, and other impact-oriented organizations looking to power their operations with clean, renewable, solar energy. With this opportunity non-profits and impact-organizations can reduce operational costs, putting that money back into their critical community-focused work, all while running on power from the sun.

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Affordable Solar Financing

Our for-profit partner, Solaris Energy, provides affordable solar finance, development, and asset management services for impact-oriented organizations, commercial and industrial clients, municipalities, schools, and more. 

Solar Recycling

We've partnered up with to provide a clearinghouse of information for the industry on reusing and recycling panels, inverters, and other materials for decommissioned projects. As environmental stewards, we believe a circular economy approach to solar energy is not only inherently aligned with our work, but a key to our success as an industry and planet.

Solar Panels
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