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We work to achieve social equity and economic vitality by working with nonprofit organizations to develop renewable energy projects and energy education programs that improve the environment.

What we do

Through solar energy projects, we merge the environmental impact of clean energy with the economic impact of cost savings for impact organizations allowing them to spend more money on their mission and service to the community. We are committed to bringing clean energy to communities throughout the country, providing economic, social, and environmental impacts.

How we do it

We utilize private capital, public funds, and private donations to benefit the community economically, socially, and environmentally via the development of renewable energy systems at the community level. By providing funding and technical resources to affordable housing agencies, schools, and nonprofit organizations, we strengthen the interface between social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone deserves affordable, renewable energy and a sustainable, climate-friendly future. We believe in a world that isn't about extraction but about smart reuse and use of resources.

The Team

Alex Blackmer
Founder | Executive Director

Alex has been providing solar project development and financial services for low-income and nonprofit organizations throughout Colorado since 2008. He is CEO and co-owner of Solaris Energy and Executive Director of The Atmosphere Conservancy, which work together to combine the strengths of a non-profit and for-profit to open the solar market to all customers. In the past two years, he has deployed over $15 million in investment capital for solar projects in 8  states. He is past president of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, a grassroots advocacy and educational group which has been promoting renewable energy in Colorado since 1994.

Janna West-Heiss
Partner & Program Manager

Janna is passionate about climate action and has made it her career. She previously held positions in communications, outreach, education, and program management for local government and non-profits focusing on climate change and sustainability. She graduated with high honors from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Natural Resource Environmental Communication and from the University of Colorado (CU Denver) with an MBA in Managing for Sustainability. She was the Vice-Chair of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society board for 4 years and currently holds seats on Governor Polis’s Pollution Prevention board as well as Colorado Solar & Storage Association, and CU Denver School of Business Managing for Sustainability Advisory Boards.

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