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Our Story

Our History

In 2008 with federal policy incentives there began to be an increased interest from organizations in going solar. Unfortunately, going solar was still challenging for certain sectors. Often non-profits, churches, and other impact-oriented organizations were spread thin for capacity to focus on the project. They also often struggled financially - not having upfront funds to pay for it nor the balance sheet for that large of a loan.

Our founder saw this gap in service and with a belief that all should have access to affordable, renewable energy created the Atmosphere Conservancy. Since 2008 the Atmosphere Conservancy has provided low-cost consulting and financing options for a variety of non-profits, low-income housing authorities, churches, and other impact-oriented underserved entities.

In 2021, the Atmosphere Conservancy partnered with Sustainable Solar Resources to provide a non-profit umbrella for the group's work on development of an objective educational website for circular solar solutions. provides individuals and businesses alike resources for reusing and recycling solar panels.


Our Future

New Initiative Launched!

In late 2022 our organization launched a brand new initiative that takes our work one step further. A mix of public and private investor support will be used as seed money to launch a solar project ownership model. This model will allow us a revolving fund of solar production revenue that will feed into a grant program. The grant program will provide funds to solar projects for underserved impact-oriented organizations that otherwise wouldn't happen.

Now, in addition to offering favorable financing solutions with our for-profit, Solaris Energy, we will be able to offer funds that won't need to be paid back. This means our impact-oriented recipient organizations can spend even less on their operations and use that saving to provide more support for the communities they serve.

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